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About King Tide

Great audio engages the listener. Great audio conveys authenticity yet transports us to a different reality. Great audio is within reach, waiting to be pulled down and manifested in each of our own unique ways.  

Scott Smit is a producer who works with musicians and other audio artists to deliver inspiring recordings. Scott believes that regardless of a recording’s specific purpose, it should provoke the listener’s imagination, intellect, and emotions. This has been his primary goal when working with Bay Area artists such as Tony Asaro, Sea Lioness, Cannons and Clouds, and Barnyard Hammer. Scott has worked at numerous recording studios such as Fantasy Studios, Skyline Studios, and Scott Llamas Studios. His skills include analog and digital recording, arrangement, mixing, and bass guitar performance. He holds a degree in music performance from the University of Colorado and a recording Industry certificate from San Francisco State University. 

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